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Post by MustacheToes on Sat Dec 13, 2008 4:38 pm

We will have 22 regular season weeks. During those weeks you will face each team in your division 2 times during the regular season.

There will be 6 playoff teams, 4 division winners and 2 wild card spots. The wild card spots will be seeds 5 and 6 with the top 4 seeds being decided by W-L-T record.  In the case of a tie (same # net games won vs. lost - so a 100-50-10 record would be the same as a 110-60-0 record) - we use the head-to-head matchup record to break the tie for seedings and/or to determine the division champion.   The playoffs will take place during weeks 23, 24, and 25. The tiebreakers will start with playoff seedings, then winning percentage, then followed by head to head match ups (if you faced that team multiple times you will add all the wins/loses/ties together), and then followed by division record.

In the event that the league changes its playoff format but keeps the 6-team playoff system (2 divisions, 3 divisions, 5 divisions, 6 divisions, etc.), the same above principles will apply to break ties - Division winners are seeded with W-L-T format, and top 2 division winner seeds get Week 1 byes, and the #3-#6 seeds are determined by the remaining division winners getting the highest seeds from #3 to #6 based on W-L-T record, and then the non-playoff winners being seeded in the remaining seeds by W-L-T record. If there is a tie in W-L-T record, then reg. season H2H record between teams will be used (cumulative W-L-T record between 2 teams if only 2 are tied, and cumulative W-L-T record with 3+ teams for all matches if 3+ teams are tied). In the case of W-L-T record and H2H record tie, then division record will be used as tiebreaker. In the event of a tie that still exists, overall points accumulated by season-long status will be used, if tracked by the software service used. In the event a tie still exists, a coin toss will be used.

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