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Post by RotoRaysfan on Sat Dec 13, 2008 10:25 pm

MLB Roster:

C 24.474 Gerald Laird (Acquired from MT for 7.132 Ryan Doumit & Mat Gamel <minors #35>)
1B 6.105 Aubrey Huff (Baltimore Orioles, 1B/3B)
2B 14.269 Emmanuel Burriss (San Francisco Giants, 2B/SS)
SS 5.96 JJ Hardy (Milwaukee Brewers, SS)
3B 10.189 Adrian Beltre (Seattle Mariners, 3B)
OF 2.29 Justin Upton (Arizona Diamondbacks, OF)
OF 6.106 Delmon Young (God I hope it's somewhere other than Minnesota Twins, OF)
OF 10.185 Adam Lind (Toronto Blue Jays, OF)
UT 13.252 Kendry Morales (Anaheim Angels, 1B/OF)

SP 4.69 Ervin Santana (Los Angeles Angels, SP)
SP 6.109 John Danks (Chicago White Sox, SP)
SP 7.136 Clay Buchholz (Boston Red Sox, SP)
RP 11.212 Frank Francisco (Texas Rangers, RP)
RP 16.309 Carlos Villaneuva (Milwaukee Brewers, RP)
RP 17.332 Matt Thornton (Chicago White Sox, RP)
P 18.349 Kyle Davies (Kansas City Royals, SP)
P 19.372 Micah Owings (Cincinnati Reds, SP)
P 20.392 Trevor Hoffman (FA, RP)

BN 15.292 Matt Joyce (Tampa Bay Rays, OF)
BN 21.412 Luke Scott (Baltimore Orioles, OF)
BN 23.452 Marco Scutaro (Toronto Blue Jays, 2B/SS/3B)
BN 24.469 Dustin Nippert (Texas Rangers, RP)
BN 25.492 Joe Nelson (Tampa Bay Rays, RP)
BN 22.429 Brandon Lyon (FA, RP)
BN 20.389 Kelvim Escobar (Anaheim Angels, SP) - DL

MILB Roster:

1.01 Matt Wieters (Baltimore Orioles, C - Pick acquired from milton)
1.09 Justin Smoak (Texas Rangers, 1B)
1.12 Tommy Hanson (Atlanta Braves, SP - Pick acquired from Where Is Jake Peavy)
1.19 Gordon Beckham (Chicago White Sox, SS - Pick acquired from GBPig99)
2.32 Chris Tillman (Baltimore Orioles, SP)
2.35 Mat Gamel (Milwaukee Brewers, 3B - Pick acquired from MustacheToes)
3.59 Jordan Schafer (Atlanta Braves, OF - Pick acquired from GBPig99)
6.112 Engel Beltre (Texas Rangers, OF)
9.169 Juan Duran (Cincinnati Reds, OF)
10.192 Lonnie Chisenhall (Cleveland Indians, SS)
11.209 Henry Rodriguez (Oakland A's, SP)
12.232 James Simmons (Oakland A's, SP)

3.49 Pick traded to KGTKM
4.72 Pick traded to milton
5.89 Pick traded to sandman
7.129 Pick traded to Where Is Jake Peavy
8.132 Pick traded to MustacheToes


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